Product Description

Floe 868 Induratec 230V | Water Drain-Down System

Designed for easy installation, the Floe 868 Induratec is the simplest way to drain down (and cleanse) your water system. Draining down your static caravan or holiday home, to prevent frost damage and remove stale water, has never been so easy!

Simply turn off your mains water supply, switch Floe on, and open and close each tap or outlet, until all are drained of water. It's very simple - if the water isn't there, it can't freeze. Need to change your caravan? Your Floe can be easily removed, so you can take it with you.

Full details, fitting and user instructions provided in the accompanying DVD.

  • Remove the worry of when to drain for winter protection: drain down when and as often as you choose

  • Use the caravan through the winter months, simply taking 4 minutes to drain when finished

  • Floe cleans the insider of your boiler's heat exchange, saving up to 15% on fuel

  • Reduced insurance premium

  • WRAS and NCC verified and approved

  • Warranty: 5-year parts and labour.