3th August 2018

"They say the simplest things are the best, absolutely true. What a great tool".  - Sandra,  Northern Ireland

17th October 2018

"I would highly recommended the Floe 868 to any static caravan owner amazing service from start to finish.. A true pleasure to deal with and fantastic customer service…." - M Casey

5th November 2018

"This is a great product. I’m not great at DIY but this is so simple to install and only took 20 minutes to fit to my ABI Westwood.
It works perfectly and only takes me 10 minutes to complete a full drain down including my washing machine and dish washer. The DVD is also really useful. I would highly recommend Floe and I am doing to other owners on our park. Thank you".

3th November 2018

"Like most people we thought we had drained our caravan. My sister told me about your product so we ordered it right away.

After watching the demo on your web site. we then tried it on the caravan and were delighted at how easy it was. As you would expect we got quite a bit of water out of the caravan pipes. We also tried it on the garden hoses.

I would recommend this without any hesitation to anyone with a caravan". - Isobel  Scotland

6th November 2018

"My First ever review, Device so good I felt I had to give it praise. As a static owner it saves us £70 park drain down fee, And gives us six more weekends to enjoy the van. Very Pleased". – Lawson ,  South Wales

7th December 2018

"I used this last winter very impressed indeed, two friends have also fitted them as they were so impressed after i gave them a demonstration. The service & after service is second too none". - Andrew, South Wales

10th December 2018

"I have just drained down my static caravan for the first time using the external floe valve.

I can’t believe how easy and effective this valve is. No more paying £80 to have my van drained down and I know it’s been done properly. I can now use my static over the winter knowing that I can easily drain it down each time.

Thank you for such a great product". - Tim 


12th December 2018

"I would say this is the best thing anyone with a static caravan should have !! I bought mine a few years ago just as they were being released. It’s so easy to fit. Takes about 20 minutes. It really is so easy to use to. No more kneeling under van to disconnect pipes or open drainage valves. !! Just turn the unit on and open all taps one at a time. Could not be any easier. It means you can visit van all through the winter and have your water on and off at the flick of a switch. The service I received from the makers was second to none. The floe 868 also saves a fortune on not having to pay a plumber every year for drain down. I paid nearly as much for the floe 868 as I did for one drain down, and I can drain down now I have the floe 868 and it’s an excellent bit of kit.


I used to use the floe on the outside tap and while that was good it took me half an hour and I had to keep going in and out of the van which isn’t great when it’s raining . With the 868 it’s all done internally in the van and takes less than 10mins , it means we will visit our van more in the colder months. It’s easy to fit , cut the incoming mains pipe under the van , Tee off from this to the pipe supplied with the 868 , put a push fit check valve on the pipe and run it into the van , screw the 868 inside a cupboard , connect the pipe using push fit and plug in. Watch the video on the website .

To use it just unplug the boiler , plug this in and turn on , open each tap one at a time till the water stops coming out, not forgetting the shower and do toilets last takes less than ten minutes. I have a condensation trap on my boiler that I empty as well , comes off very easy , put some antifreeze in u bends, job done, any time I want. A very happy customer".
- Alex 


"Got one 2 years ago fitted it myself in 10 minute's...Well worth it !...Paid for itself 10 times over as we are a 12 month site ...I drain down every time we leave from the end of October....(peace of mind !) The site charge £85 per drain down !..So do the maths !!!"

January 2019

We use the lodge 12 months of the year and now draining down multiple times over the winter period is not a problem.

March 2019

Brilliant it only takes me 10 minutes to totally drain down the caravan. For me this product will pay for itself after three draindowns. Would recommend 100%.